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Leopold has made a lot of progress in the past year.  Leopold has mostly completed his halter training, and can now be lead outside of the horse barns, and the paddocks to eat grass and go for walks.  Leopold can be groomed, bathed, and get his feet cleaned out.  He has been saddled quite a few times, and even sat on.  He was surprisingly nonchalant about the sitting on him part.  He does love his cookies though, and will practically do anything to get a reward.  He has been led around with a person on him a bit, but he isn't quite sure about the whole exercising part.  Leopold is currently working on his tying up training; he can be very stubborn when he wants to be.

Hugo has also made a lot of progress this year.  His leading has improved dramatically, and he can be caught once he is separated from his buddies.  Hugo loves cookies and peach rings.  Hugo can be semi tied to be brushed, and have his feet picked out.  One of the hardest things to do with him was teach him to hold up his feet, and it doesn't help that he routinely stands funny.  So he's been working on standing semi square so that he doesn't fall off balance when one of his front feet gets picked up.  Our next goal with Hugo is to tackle his back feet.  Hugo loves to get fly sprayed, but I can't blame the guy he lives with two gray horses, and the flies seem to like him a whole lot more than the other two.  Hugo can be saddled and leaned on.  Currently we are working on leaning on him more, and are trying to get him ready to get backed.  Hugo can be bridled.  It was a real challenge after his first succesful bridling, but he has come to accept it more easily.

Lancelot has also made an enormous amount of progress.  He can be caught semi easily, and loves to get his scratches.  He will be started on grooming and picking up his feet once he is eating treats more readily.  Lancelot loves to get scratched.  Lancelot has also started his halter training, and will soon be joining his buddies out in the yard to eat grass.  Lancelot is very smart and picks new things up very easily.
"A horse is a thing of beauty...

none will tire of looking at him

as long as he displays himself

in his splendor."

                             ~ Xenophon

"A horse is the projection of

peoples' dreams about

themselves - strong, powerful,

 beautiful - and it has the

capability of giving us escape

from our mundane existence,"
                                                   ~Pam Brown

"Wherever man has left his

 footprint in the long ascent from

 barbarism to civilization we will

find the hoof-print of the horse

beside it," ~John Moore


Xaviar is a bay colt out of Isabelle. I Annabelle Dillon adopted him as a stallion because I loved his color, his actions,and his trouble making. I know it sounds weird but I wanted a challenge something different from all the other horses and he was but now my challenge is over. He is in a new routine of going in a stall getting grained,brushed, and then haltered he works with me well and will come when I call. He loves me and I love him. He goes on pasture every now and then. I like Xaviar because I can pet him with out him following other male horses and running away. I chose Xaviar because i loved him. at first I wanted Storm another sponsored mustang but I just went with the one of which me and him clicked. by: Annabelle DillonEmoji

It is my honor to be granted the responsibility of one of our nation's greatest icons! A WILD MUSTANG! Yes, I can place the word WILD next to MUSTANG because Alanna, whom I call "Feather", was bred, born, and grew up in the wilderness of a WILD HORSE range,... until being "harvested", and still, even months after her arrival to Michigan late 2010.
We were first introduced about this time last year - Jun '11.
I was first struck by her color. Then her suspicious eye and alert ear, and her movement. While my eyes were looking her all over in appreciation of her natural beauty, her entire body screamed, "STRANGER!" And well it should, I was that stranger. Everything about her was STUNNING, brought on more intensely by the fact she didn't know me.

There is so much I could write here, but I'll have to do it a little at a time...

Which means you'll have to come back later...


Terika is an Appaloosa mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  She produced a solid foal early this past summer.  Terika is a very level headed mare that has adapted quite easily to being domesticated.  We have on occasion been able to pet her without having to do any round pen type work.  Terika will be used as a trail horse after she has been trained.

Alanna is a red roan Appaloosa mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management
Xavier and Annebelle