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*All Adoptions provided by our group are private adoption(sales), or private fostering.

1.  Purchasers must agree to the terms of our adoption(sales), or fostering contracts.  No  Exceptions!

2.  Purchasers are responsible for transportation of the horses being adopted or fostered.

3.  Purchasers are responsible for coggins deposit; which must be paid in advance.  Coggins testing is figured into the adoption fee (Coggins test + donation)

4.  No horses will be permitted to leave our care without a sales or fostering contract.

5.  If requested.  A horse can be fitted with a drag line and halter; which must be provided by the new owner.

Adoption Information
Serious Inquires only!

Please keep in mind that the adoptions fees provide no profit to our group;
they will be used to pay for expenditures from 2011 and 2012.

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"Please keep in mind that these are semi-wild horses. 
They are not haltered trained and have had limited physical contact with people. 
However, they have become acclimated to being around and near people. 
We currently do not provide trained animals for adoption.  Some training can be provided with an increased adoption fee."

*Sales and fostering contracts are available upon request to potential adopters.

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot

 has been cast and love sincerely the fellow

 creatures with whom destiny has ordained that

 you shall live.
                                              ~Marcus Aurelius


Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude is roan gelding from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  He is acclimated to two and three strand electric fencing.  Surfer has a very laid back personality, and shows general curiosity in people.  He gets along well with other geldings in the pasture.  As he is one of our older horses he would best be suited for light riding or a driving.  Surfer and his buds are currently being acclimated to being around children as well as adults. 
Proteus is currently wearing a halter, and has been worked with a little bit this year by one of our volunteers.  He also seems do very well working with men in particular.  Proteus is a bay pinto gelding from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  He is roughly 15.2-16 h.h. tall.  Proteus would make an excellent hunter/jumper or eventing horse.  He can clear four and a half feet or more without a lot of trouble.  Proteus will require a home with secure fencing.  He would do best in a home that could provide an indoor arena for training purposes, or a round pen that is taller than six feet.  Also Proteus has a wonderful personality when he is on his own, and separated from other horses.
Galaxy is from the Tobin Range in Nevada.  Galaxy has been with us for nearly two and a half years.  She is a shy girl still seeking her forever home.  Galaxy is low ranking mare in are current herd, and rarely causes any issues with the other mares.  Due to the fact that she is a desert horse; she would best be suited to a home in a warmer climate, or one that can provide blanketing.  She does manage fairly well in our wet and cold Michigan winters.  Galaxy does have a mild personality, but would benefit from being separated from others horses during training.  
Fire Opal
Opal is a 2 year old filly from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area and was born here in Michigan April 19 of 2011. Opal is a liver chestnut filly that is showing some signs of spotting out like her Appaloosa mom!  She is out of Terika (who you can look at on the adopted horses page) X unknown wild horse.  Opal is an easy keeper, has a very friendly personality, and shows curiosity in people.  As Opal is one of or last younger horses we will be offering for adoption; she has had some halter work, and is handle-able.  She would make an excellent project horse!
Isabelle is a black and white pinto mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  Isabelle has a very sweet personality; we can walk right past her in the barn, and she won't run away.  Also, she is very food motivated, and could possibly be a good candidate for clicker training.  Isabelle is one of our ranking mares in the herd, but she rarely causes any issues with the other mares.  Isabelle would best be suited to a home that would involve light riding and driving.  She is also a very easy keeper, and is acclimated to two and three strand electric fencing (although we recommend it be hot fencing).
Queen is black mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  Queen has a dominant personality, and rules her own little coop out in the main herd.  She takes very good care of watching after younger herd members.  Also, she is one of our other mares who is typically unaffected by people walking through the barn, and is fairly easy to separate out from the rest of the mares.  Queen is only about 14.2 h.h. and would best be suited to a home from riding or driving.
Paloma is a gray mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  She is another one of our mares who has a more dominant personality, but typically Paloma gets along with most of the other horses in the herd.  Paloma is closer to 15 h.h. and she has very smooth gaits.  Paloma is not afraid of people, and will typically walk away if we get to close to her, which is within a couple of feet.  She has a very level personality.  It would be best that she be separated from other horses during the training process.  We recommend that Paloma be kept in hot two or three strand electric fencing.  Also Paloma is another easy keeper.
Destinado is a dapple gray gelding from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  He is about 15.3-16 h.h. tall, and has a very level temperament.  Also, he has very clean movement and smooth gaits.   Destinado definitely would be suited to the show ring (especially dressage).  He is quite a bit younger than some of our other horses and has even started his halter training.  One of our many volunteers has been working with him this summer.  He even got some of the dreads cut out of his mane.  Destinado has made a lot of progress over the summer, and our volunteer will be continuing his training until he has found a new home.
Nokomis is a flea-bitten gray mare from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  Nokomis gets along well with the other mares in the herd as she is lower on the totem pole.  Nokomis is about 14.3-15 h.h. in height.  She has a very level temperament.  We do recommend that she be separated from other animals during the training process.  She is also very food motivated and may be a good candidate for clicker training.  She is acclimated to two and three strand fencing (which needs to be hot).  Nokomis is also fairly curious about people, and will simply walk away we get to close, which is within a couple of feet. She is also an easy keeper.

What delight
To back the flying steed, that challenges
The wind for speed! - seems native more of air
Than earth! - whose burden only lends him fire! -
Whose soul, in his task, turns labour into sport;
Who makes your pastime his! I sit him now!
He takes away my breath! He makes me reel!
I touch not earth - I see not - hear not. All
Is ecstasy of motion!
~James Sheridan Knowles, The Love-Chase

Horses are creatures who worship the earth
as they gallop on feet of ivory.
Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth,
the horses still run, they are free.

~John Denver and Joe Henry, "Eagles and Horses"

"Horses make a landscape look

 beautiful, " Alice Walker


The Messenger
The Messenger is a medicine hat gelding whom is also from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area.  Unfortunately, Messenger is a special needs horse, and will require a lot of one on one attention.  He would be suited to a home with another low ranking horse.  He is not an easy keeper like a lot of the other Mustangs at the rescue.

Storm is a chestnut colt out of Nokomis and an unknown wild horse.  He was born here in Michigan, and has been raised in a herd setting.  Storm is still working on his halter training a little bit, but for the most part he is really good.  Storm has even been saddled, and had a rider on him this year.  He didn't buck once, and he seemed to enjoy the little jaunt around the yard.  Storm has a very laid back personality, and works very well with people whom are also quite laid back.  Storm is currently being worked with by one of our younger volunteers. 

Messenger would be suited to a home as a pasture pet or companion animal for another horse.  He is acclimated to electric fencing, and will not challenge the fence.  Messenger is used to living with a large herd of geldings, but tends to be on the low end.  Messenger seems to spend most of his time with the younger colts Storm and Xavier, and he is quite protective of them.
Is currently in the process of being adopted.  Her information will be moved to the adopted page when her adoption has been completed.